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The F11 from DR. COFFEE is the ideal coffee machine for small and medium-sized places. The concise and strong look matches well with the ceramic grinders and the dual-mode brewing system inside. This counter-top coffee machine will bring you a fantastic experience and tremendous surprises. F11 series are small in size but big on flavor. With DR.COFFEE innovative fresh brewing technology, these stylish compact machines deliver a range of high quality, rich tasting coffee that easily rival traditional bar machines you would find in many coffee shops. With their compact size and elegant looks, these machines compliment a variety of environments such as small offices, meeting rooms and even at home on kitchen worktops.

f11 front right.jpg


Setting New Standards

Toasting Drinks

Your Choice just at One Touch

The DR.COFFEE F11 has a wide range of beverages at your choice. From hot beverages with or without milk, to those with or without milk foam  all of these are available just at one touch. of the button.

Ceramic Burrs

The Ceramic flat-type blades accurately grind the coffee beans into a very even grind, bringing out the unique flavor of the coffee and giving you more balance and better taste.

Image by Josh Couch

Milk frothing system for smooth microfoamed milk

Milk and milk foam are the essential ingredients for a delicious milk kind coffee, F11 gives you the perfect foam required to blend the components together perfectly.

Flexi water supply

The option of having either a water tank of mains water connection enables adaption to all conditions and requirements.

f11 front water tank.jpg
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