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E1 Prima EXP by Victoria Arduino

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HS Code: 84198120
UPC: 8052532040155
Brand: Victoria Arduino

E1 Prima EXP from Victoria Arduino is a coffee machine designed for small cafes, roasters, homes and offices where quality of coffee & style are paramount. The EXP has Pure Brew technology which allows for creation of new signature drinks.

The E1 Prima EXP packages the best technologies and premium materials for performance, energy efficiency and speed in an eclectic, versatile and sustainable design.

E1 Prima EXP Advanced Technology- High efficiency

E1 Prima EXP is a machine dedicated to those who love exploring different tastes through the research of quality ingredients and who treasure discovering and creating new drinks without sacrificing the beauty of a unique and contemporary object. Eagle One Prima EXP not only prepares many espresso and latte drinks but incorporates the new extraction method to create our signature drink, Pure Brew.

  • Pure Brew: Pure Brew is a new method of filter coffee extraction without using the pressure of a traditional machine. This technology, along with a new patented double-layer conical filter, offers a new, simple, and fast way of living and tasting the coffee experience.

    Pure Brew can inspire new possibilities and opportunities to grow the business and to offer new taste experiences.

    New Energy Optimization NEO: NEO Technology guarantees high performance with lower energy consumption and heating times. Unlike other professional machines of the same category, PRIMA takes less than 8 minutes to be ready to sell !
  • Group Cover with Ghost Display: The display is perfectly integrated into the machine's group cover. Once the dispensing has finished, it disappears and blends into the machine's group cover design.
  • New Materials: The boilers are made in stainless steel and protected by an innovative material that guarantees high thermal insulation and avoids heat dispersion.
  • Steam by Wire: Energy efficiency is guaranteed by the electronic controller. Steam-by-Wire allows significant control of the steam dispensing along with an elevated power/speed ratio
  • Low Environmental Impact: The new high performance design has kept the machine's volume low, thereby reducing the demand on the environment.
  • App: Everything becomes even simpler. The App optimizes performance and use. It is possible to set the temperatures and other parameters and also see the extraction performance from the App. PRIMA is an espresso coffee machine that takes advantage of the digital revolution and is in connect with the user. The App can create recipes, share them with other users, or set recipes recommended by their roaster or barista. The App can also become a recipe sharing instrument by going on the section 'Cloud recipe' of the Victoria Arduino app
  • Cool Touch Steam Wand: Anti Burn with an innovative design for better steam performance. Dedicated space to Purge on the drip tray.
  • High Performance Steam Boiler: Allows higher pressure for drier steam.
  • Flexible: Available with Tank or Directly Plumbed Connection options.

For all the details, specifications etc. of this truly awesome machine please click on this: E1 Prima EXP Brochure.

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