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Eagle Tempo from Victoria Arduino

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Product Details
HS Code: 84198120
Brand: Victoria Arduino

Eagle Tempo....... Poetry in Motion !

As with all of Victoria Arduino’s coffee equipment, the Eagle Tempo is committed to sustainability and elegant design combined with great technology.

The Eagle Tempo coffee machine is the ultimate solution for restaurants, roasteries, chains, bakeries, patisseries, hotels, and coffee shops that simply want to deliver good coffee and plant-based drinks.

Great Design & Technology at an affordable cost !

Handsome features ensure the Eagle Tempo won't go unnoticed, yet it's a compact coffee machine that fits any space. Whether you're serving one or a dozen customers, a handful of patented technologies guarantee that every single beverage is as good as the last. With effortless efficiency, the Eagle Tempo simply delivers your favourite coffee and milk and plant-based drinks, time after time.

Eagle Tempo is an energy efficient coffee machine, better for both your business and the environment.

For the shape of the Eagle Tempo, Victoria Arduino was inspired not only by its impressive history, but also concentrating on the needs of the new era coffee shops that require compact, efficient, and sustainable machines.

That's how design and innovation combine: having a substantial impact inside the machine in correspondence with its new form. The result is an extremely compact shape with minimal design, ease of use and with a new engine able to guarantee high performance and energy efficiency.

  • Multi Boiler: Every group has its own independent circuit and can perform at different temperatures.
  • New Energy Optimization NEO: NEO Technology guarantees high performance with lower energy consumption and heating times. It works almost instantly, allowing only the necessary amount of water for the extraction to be heated, thus reducing energy-related costs. Uses upto 29% less energy.
  • TERS: Patented Temperature Energy Recovery System uses the discharged waste water to pre-heat the incoming water to minimize waste and increase energy efficiency
  • Group Cover with 5 buttons on each group for different pre-programmed recipes
  • New Materials: The boilers are made in stainless steel and protected by an innovative material that guarantees high thermal insulation and avoids heat dispersion.
  • Steam by Wire: Energy efficiency is guaranteed by the electronic controller. Steam-by-Wire allows significant control of the steam dispensing along with an elevated power/speed ratio.
  • Low Environmental Impact: The new high performance design has kept the machine's volume low, thereby reducing the demand on the environment.
  • High Performance Steam Boiler: Performs at upto 2.1 bar- higher pressure for drier steam.
  • Touch Screen Display: Control the brew at a glance. The touchscreen display allows the barista to read brewing information, create recipes, change settings and navigate auxiliary functions in an instant.
  • Optionals: Ergonomical and useful features like Autopurge, EasyCream, Anti Burn Steam Wand etc

For all the details, specifications etc. of this truly awesome machine please click on this: Eagle Tempo Brochure.

Optional: The EasyCream option allows programming upto nine different milk recipes for Dairy & Plant based Milk drinks.

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