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Eureka Mignon Filtro Grinder

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Product Details
HS Code: 8438
Brand: Eureka

Eureka Mignon are the best quality grinders for alternate & specialty brewing needs in Homes & Cafes due to their innovative design that allows even grinding across the range of grind sizes.

Hand crafted in Florence since 1920, Eureka is now a symbol of excellence in the coffee grinder industry thanks to its international and dynamic attitude,

Eureka employs several innovative “State of the Art” technologies & has grinders suited to all styles of coffee brewing.

The Eureka Mignon Filtro has some great technologies & features & is a good economical option for Filter/ Pour over/ Drip & French Press uses with some similar features to the grinders in the rest of the filter series like the Chrono & Brew Pro . The Filter Series grinders have Brew Specific Flat Burrs & are not meant for those with espresso specific use. For Espresso Specific use, please consider the espresso specific grinders in our range.

  • ACE System Anti-Clumping & Electrostatic: Helps prevent clumps development and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee, the ACE System is a part of every Eureka on-demand grinder. Due to its regulating action over the coffee outflow, ACE System ensures an incomparable cleanliness and dose consistency.
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System: Patented by Eureka, it assures incomparable setting precision and saving of time and coffee. Eureka's Micrometric system with infinite adjustment points is the only one based on the lower burr repositioning. This guarantees incomparable grinding performances and allows maintenance operations without losing the grinding setting.
  • Easy Maintenance: The burrholder set, that can be dismantled removing only 9 screws, permitting quick replacement and cleaning of burrs. Saves times & coffee.

Larger Eureka grinders use technologies like High speed dispersion, Diamond Inside that uses a cyrogenic treatement of Burrs at -123 C, Blow up system for zero retention & fresh coffee etc.

Click the following link to to download the Mignon user manual

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