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Eureka Prometheus

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Product Details
HS Code: 84388010
UPC: 8056600013683
Brand: Eureka

Pure Innovation for the Modern Barista !

Eureka Prometheus are a part of the premium ORO new generation series. High quality, reliable, consistent, easy to use. Their intuitive innovative design & touch screen interface allows for fast, even and consistent grinding.

Hand crafted in Florence since 1920, Eureka is now a symbol of excellence in the coffee grinder industry thanks to its international and dynamic attitude,

Eureka employs several innovative “State of the Art” technologies & has grinders suited to all styles of coffee brewing.

The Prometheus range has some great technologies & features:

  • New Generation TFT Touch display with 3 programmable + "extra" dose and maintenance alerts.
  • Burr replacement advice
  • New ELR system with the sloped grinding chamber providing Extremely Low Retention
    • Thanks to the development of specific technologies, the Eureka ORO grinders stand out for a very low coffee retention which allows barista to always get 100% freshly ground coffee
  • Automatic filter holder recognition (patented), without any manual dose selection. No more mistakes or waste, thanks to the revolutionary Eureka ORO technology.
    Simply place the filter holder on the fork and start grinding: the grinder immediately recognises the number of required doses without any manual selection in order to streamline the workflow of barista.
  • Electronic adjustment of burrs positioning, directly adjustable from both touch display and regulation knob. Allows for accurate dial in.
    • With Real Zero detection, Prometheus grind settings are always identical from grinder to grinder- cafe to cafe !
    • Have you been trying to achieve the exact distance among burrs? Now you can! Thanks to the Electronic Adjustment of burrs (patented by Eureka), the burrs distance is specified in micron on the touch screen.At any time, so, the barista knows precisely the distance in micron value and is able to adjust it as needed, by both touching the screen and rotating the knob.
  • Integrated IoT connectivity, with specific apps dedicated to roasters and users, ensuring constant grinder monitoring and performance measurement.
    • Wherever you are, thanks to the dedicated apps, you will be always able to be connected to your coffee grinder by adjusting the settings in real time and remotely monitoring both coffee consumption and geographic position. All this with the goal to improve the standard of coffee and better manage the maintenance service.
  • Cool grinder: temperature monitoring system of the grinding chamber combined to the forced cooling system grants constant performance over time.
  • Pure Diamond 85 mm Flat Burrs- designed for rush hour, grinding consistent over time, better flavour profile.
  • "Silent Technology" reducing the grinding noise by over 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders.
  • "High Speed" grind dispersion: special engine-burrs set optimizing the dispensing speed (7,5 - 11 g/s) while preserving the proper temperature of freshly ground coffee.
  • "High Speed" maintenance of burrs (without losing the grinding setting).
  • All-purpose fork for "Hands-Free" operations, adjustable in height and suitable to any type of filter holder (also naked).
  • Bean hopper security system.
  • Customizable ACE System Anti-Clumping & Electrostatic: Choose between three setups (soft/ medium/ hard) to reduce charge buildup. Helps prevent clumps development and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee,

Click on these links for more information on the Atom Prometheus Technical Flyer 3.5 Mb & the Prometheus Range Catalog 9.1 Mb.

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