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GiuliettaX Two Group E61 by Lelit PL2SVX

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Product Details
HS Code: 8419
UPC: 8009437001736
Brand: Lelit

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Lelit GiuliettaX PL2SVX- New upgraded version with better features for better coffee !

A compact machine designed for those locations where space is at a premium yet need the performance and flexibility of a quality two group machine. GiuliettaX uses the best quality components & available materials at hand to offer a machine that enables Baristas to provide great quality espresso drinks. A sturdy easy to use machine with two E61 groups.

  • Two E61 type groups with Thermosyphonic heating
  • New Display with customization and black background
  • Programmable coffee dose controls. Programmable Pre infusion
  • Dose Counters for every button, Shot timer
  • Easier Maintenance with Automatic Cleaning for each group
  • LTS- Lelit Thermal Stability for energy saving & better temperature control
  • Two Multidirectional Steam Wands - Anti burn and easy to clean
  • One Multidirectional Water Wand.
  • NSF groups & chromed Taps
  • High end professional IMS filter baskets are standard
  • Portafilters with coffee slide & flat bottom for easy tamping
  • Tall Mug capable espresso cup rack
  • 10 litre steam boiler, 2 * 0.4 litre heat exchangers for coffee with frontal injectors
  • Professional Rotary Pump.
  • Dual Pressure Gauge.

  • Polished Stainless steel front & back panels with side panels in brushed SS finish
  • Cup warmer with textured top cover to let out condensation & New Side rails with minimalist look
  • Stainless Steel Water tray with Self cleaning grate
  • Made in Italy with the use of professional technologies and components.

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