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Lelit Diana PL60R1 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine

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Product Details
HS Code: 8419
Brand: Lelit

Diana is a semi-professional machine for performance & for those who love to brew more than just espresso: thanks to the two independent coffee and steam boilers you can make as many cappuccinos, teas, herbal infusions as you want, without compromising on the quality of your Espresso. There is no waiting required for the machine to heat up for making steam or cool down after.....

Diana's powerful steam wand can be used for milk frothing simultaneously with coffee extraction.

Diana is a good choice for homes as well as small restaurants & cafes whose main business in not coffee & serve around 15-20 cups per day.

For all the details, specifications etc. of this truly awesome machine please click on the Diana link to our website

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