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Mara PL62

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Product Details
HS Code: 8419
Brand: Lelit

Sold out- Now accepting pre-orders. Price shown is the pre-order price which will go up by around 10% on restocking. To book, please call +91 98111 22565 for more information.

Mara is the smallest espresso machine on the market with a commercial E61 grouphead. This machine has a 2.5 litre water tank, a 1.5 litre copper boiler with heat exchanger to provide simultaneous coffee extraction & steam delivery. No need to wait for the temperature to heat up for making steam as in single boiler machines of similar size.

Mara has multidirectional Cool to Touch Steam & Hot Water Wands & looks that will fit in the most elegant surroundings.

Mara has been created for home users that want the best & for Cafes that serve 20-30 cups per day in a distributed setting.

With a built in water & waste water tank, this compact & beautiful looking can be placed anywhere.

For all the details, specifications etc. of this truly awesome machine please click on the Mara link to our website

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