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Universal Backflushing Tool: Portafilter Insert

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Product Details
HS Code: 8419

Rubber Portafilter Insert for Backflushing

Made in Itay.

This Rubber Portafilter insert is great for backflushing espresso machines. This is an easy & quick way to do the backflushing without removal of the filter-basket. No need to switch back & forth between the hot filter basket & blank filter. The thick rubber nib enables easy placement & removal even while hot.

Universal Size. Fits well with most sizes of Portafilters like 57 & 58 mm. For smaller sizes, this can be easily trimmed (only if required) using a pair of scissors.

Place flat at the bottom of the portafilter as shown in the image. There will be some leakage if placed incorrectly. One or two drops of leakage during backflush is ok.

(For Smaller sizes of Portafilter: Trim only after checking for size & attempt to backflush-as trimming may not be required at all).

Take care while doing the backflushing as it involves hot/ scalding water. Do not remove the portafilter while the machine is set to dispense/ coffee section is operational. There will be hot water in the portafilter even after removal. Please avoid splashing of the scalding water on to your hands/ body.

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