Urnex Cafiza E31 Espresso Machine Tablets

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Improves coffee taste. Increase the life of your coffee machine.

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Urnex are world leaders in cleaning supplies for Coffee Equipment. Made in USA.

E31 Coffee Machine cleaning Tablets:

  • Eliminate residue in espresso machine group heads, valves, and lines.
  • Tablet format allows for easy and controlled dosing into a superautomatic espresso machine’s delivery chamber or a traditional espresso machine’s group head.
  • Organically listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and NSF-Certified for use on espresso machines.
  • Each tablet is 12.0 mm in diameter and weighs 1.2 g

Instructions for use

For Use on Automatic Espresso Machines- follow equipment manufacturer's instructions.

For Use on Traditional Espresso Machines

1. Insert blind filter in portafilter and add 1 Cafiza tablet. Insert portafilter into group head.

2. Activate brew cycle for 10 seconds. Stop 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

3. Remove portafilter and rinse portafilter in stream of water from group head.

4. Re-insert portafilter without cleaner into group head. Activate brew cycle for 10 seconds. Stop 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

5. Make and discard a cup of espresso to ensure no residue remains.

For specifications, please click on the Cafiza E61 specs link

For the Cafiza Safety Data Sheet please click on the Cafiza MSDS link

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