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VA358 White Eagle

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Product Details
HS Code: 84198120
Brand: Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino's White Eagle designed as an Eagle ready to Fly !

It's a machine completely built in steel and aluminum. The sides are made of aluminum slats that give the hull the look of an eagle wings. All controls are designed to blend aesthetics and functionality, with particular attention given to ergonomics, to ensure the barista can work quickly, comfortably and safely.

Choose from T3 Technology or Digit (PID) versions

  • T3: The quality of a good espresso comes through a correct extraction water temperature. T³ technology ensures a total control of the temperature, in each delivery phase. Strict competitive tests demonstrated T³ is the best technology on the market. That’s why it is used in the WBC world competitions. T3 tech helps in temperature control over the steam boiler, coffee boiler and the coffee group individually.
  • Digit: The digit version applies PID control to the large single boiler.
  • TFT Display: Baristas have full control of the machine thanks to the TFT display. Baristas can set and monitor shot time, brewing temperature, group temperature, boiler pressure, extra pre-infusion and energy saving.
  • Steam Wand: The Push & Pull lever system lets the barista obtain steam in a quick and safe way.
  • Powerful Steam: The innovative wand design allows for quick heating and microfoaming.
  • Economizer: The Hot water wand has an economizer to give hot water at a user defined temperature.
  • Design: The White Eagle has a beautiful design that looks good in any cafe.
  • High Performance Large Capacity Steam Boiler: Large 14 litre (2 Gr) & 17 litre (3 Gr) for endless supply of steam & hot water in those demanding situations.
  • SCA Certified: VA358 White Eagle has passed the quality standards as defined in the SCA Qualified Testing technical standard.

For all the details, specifications etc. of this truly awesome machine please click on this: White Eagle Brochure.

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