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A guide to roast levels at

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The degree and temperature approach profile at which coffee beans are roasted is one of the important factors that determine the coffee taste.

The roasting process transforms hard green coffee seeds having a grassy smell to the flavorful aromatic beans that we know & love.

The other parts of the complex equation are of course the type of beans, origin, terroir, blend etc.

In the cup, its about the freshness, roast levels, grinding, brewing styles etc.

A quick guide to coffee roast levels will help you make a choice on our website.

While very light roast levels can be done, we do not offer them due to the toasty grainy taste & the higher levels of acidity & caffeine. They are at best used for "cupping" purposes & not for home & commercial applications.

Medium Light - City Roast: Akin to a light roast- the individual character & origins of the coffee can be tasted with very little taste of the roast. This has a somewhat grainy taste & a higher caffeine level than our other roasts. Taste levels will be somewhat bright & acidic. A relatively smooth surface as compared to cinnamon roasts with some darker marks. Fairly hard edges. This can be used with alternative brewing methods.

Medium- City + Roast: A slightly longer roast than the City roast. This has a more even bean surface. No grainy taste with a heavier body & lower caffeine as compared to the City roast. Sweetness starts to develop. Works well with alternate brewing & espresso based drinks.

Medium Dark- Full City Roast: A balanced flavor profile between the individual coffee beans & the taste of the roasting process. At this point, sugars have caramelized. With more body, sweetness & a lower caffeine level than the City Roast, this is the default & recommended roast level at as it tends to check most of the boxes. Some oils may be visible on the surface which are more pronounced in the summer months.

Dark- Vienna or Light French Roast: Coffee is roasted to a level that is well into the second crack stage. The taste profile of the coffee beans are almost completely masked by the flavors of the roast profile. This is a level darker than the Full City. Acidity is muted with bitter notes while caffeine levels are low. The coffee has a slightly thinner body than the Full City Roast. The Dark Roast shows some oil on the surface of the beans & has some Dark Chocolate flavors in a rich smooth cup. This roast is seen in many famous Coffee chains.

In general, as the roast levels go from light to dark:

The origin flavors tend to take on some of the flavors of the roasting process

Acidity & caffeine tend to reduce

Bitterness levels increase with dark roasts

Body increases till around the second crack after which it starts to thin.

Monsooned coffees tend to have a lighter color when compared to other beans roasted to the same level. While the roast level will be to the degree mentioned above i.e. City, City +, Full City & Vienna, the color will be lighter than that of the rest of our range for the same roast level (Color names have been kept the same for consistency).

Coffee taste is a personal preference & this guide may help you make a start on a journey that promises many good experiences.

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