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Warrantee Terms

Last updated: December 07, 2020

Please read these terms and conditions related to Warrantee offered as & when applicable.

Warrantee Terms:

  1. The carry in warranty is valid and binding only by retaining the original invoice as proof of purchase of the product.

  2. The warranty period is applicable as per the individual Product warranty terms as mentioned by the manufacturer & is usually one year calculated from the Date of Purchase.

  3. The warranty is limited to repair/substitution of parts/ replacement of the same/similar Product design and quality.

  4. Product liability shall in no event exceed the invoice amount of the product or prevailing product price whichever is lesser.

  5. To claim the warranty service, please contact our Customer Care through the phone number and contact email provided on this website or the product packaging.

  6. If some defects cannot be rectified, the product may be replaced free of cost at the sole discretion of Simran Worldwide

  7. In case the product variant or accessory is unavailable (discontinued or out-of-stock) when the claim for repair/replacement is made, Simran Worldwide reserves the right to offer as replacement an alternate product or accessory as it may deem fit.

  8. The decision of Simran Worldwide to repair/replace the product shall be final and conclusive for all purposes.

  9. In order to avail the warrantee, any/ all costs for transport and freight of the product to/fro office at New Delhi, India will be borne by the customer irrespective of the issue involved. Travelling & boarding & lodging costs if applicable are to be borne by the customer.

  10. Change of any part not covered under warranty, shall be charged at full price

  11. The product invoice must be produced and is a pre-requisite for processing any complaints during the warranty period.

  12. Simran Worldwide does not offer any warranties against deterioration/ depreciation of the product due to wear and tear, damage due to use of chemicals or corrosion, customer mishandling, tampering or improper usage against the instruction in the user manual, an Act of God, damage due to electrical fluctuations, brownouts, spikes, surges etc. or due to the use of poor quality water or any ingredients that are in contact with the machine.

  13. We will not be responsible for any injury/loss of life etc. to customers/ their guests/ personnel /damage due to electrical shock/ fire etc. or any other liability that may arise of burns/injury from the hot coffee beverage/machine, as well as any other loss directly or indirectly connected to this equipment.

  14. This warranty shall be void if the customer approaches any third party to rectify any defect/ perceived defect relating to Simran Worldwide product for any reason.

  15. Please read the product specific instruction manual carefully with regards to storage and use conditions prior to using the product. This warranty shall be void in case the product is not used as per details provided in the instruction manual and other instructions below:


  1. Avoid any spillage of water/ coffee/ tea/ milk/ chocolate/chemicals etc. on top of the machine.

  2. Clean the steam wands after every use with a moist cloth & then purge the steam wands subsequently.

  3. Clean the group heads with a blank filter using coffee cleaning tablets/ powder (these can be purchased from us) daily.

  4. Not throw Tea leaves/ other semi-solid material into the drip tray of the coffee machine.

  5. Due diligence/ precaution will have to be followed to ensure that the machine does not run dry. Damages on account of dry running will not be covered under warrantee.

  6. Confirm that the water pipe is not pressed hard/ under the legs of the coffee machine.

  7. Ensure the Drain pipe is properly connected (whenever provided) with no kinks & has a continuous downward slope. The end point of the drain should not be submerged.

  8. Ensure the electrical connection is proper & the neutral (Important: Blue Wire- Not Black) is properly connected. The Earth Wire is Yellow/ Green.

  9. The machine is connected to a stabilized source of power & has a High-Low Trip & a surge suppressor at its supply end.

  10. Ensure that hygiene is maintained, pest control is done on time- to avoid damages to the equipment due to Rodents & Cockroaches.


Disputes if any are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Delhi, India only.


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