Technology and tradition have found expression in new shapes, blending in a new espresso coffee machine. The natural evolution of a classic icon such as E61 is finally here. FAEMA E71, studied and designed for all those who seek perfection and superior quality with each single sip and at every cup of coffee. FAEMA E71, the best interpreter of master coffee artists.



Thanks to the innovative technical solutions that have always made the Faema machines cutting-edge products, preparing espresso coffee-based drinks will be simple and intuitive, every day.

Customisable and flexible interface

X30 has a 10.4” touchscreen display: different ways of viewing the drinks selection, customisable images on the machine display (screen savers, during beverage delivery) and films and sounds to help the customer chose their drink are some of the features offered by the X30. All while being simple and intuitive.

X30 display.jpg
x30 front.JPG

Capacitive touch screen display

  • Toughened glass.

  • Capacitive Touch Screen Panel with 10.4” TFT.

  • Backlit RGB panel.

  • RGB lights on the delivery area.

  • Possibility to add customised images for drinks, films and screen saver using a USB stick.

  • Bidirectional Wi-Fi as standard.

Quality in the cup
Wide range of drinks.

Faema knows how important each drink prepared for you and your customers is. For this reason, the X30 is designed for a wide and varied range of beverages to suit every taste, always guaranteeing the best quality in the cup.

The Perfect Coffee

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