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Coffee Beans

We offer a range of freshly roasted specialty coffee blends sourced from high elevation coffee estates.

We also offer decaffeinated as well as single-origin coffees.
All orders are roasted on demand for maximum freshness.

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Classico House Blend

A gourmet blend of specialty premium Arabica coffee. Developed for the coffee connoisseur, Flair is a smooth tasting aromatic coffee with a lingering flavor.

Full bodied, Heavy mouthfeel with caramel notes & a pleasant aftertaste. This balanced coffee works well with milk based & black coffee drinks.

A proprietary blend of premium coffees. This full city roast produces Coffee with a clean mellow taste & a heavy body. The blend is especially suited for milk based drinks like Cappuccino & Lattes.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Misty Mountain


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Image by Mae Mu

A premium specialty Arabica coffee. These beans are high grown, dense & large sized.

The brew is smooth & buttery with chocolaty notes, a heavy body & a hint of spice

Special Arabica beans from the Malabar region are subjected to a process that allows them to absorb moisture..

A pleasant earthy taste, notes of nuts & spice with good crema.

Questions about our beans? Reach out at +91 8130 369011 today, we’re happy to help.

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