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Monsooned Bloom

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HS Code: 0901

Historically, coffee was shipped to the Western countries in wooden sailing vessels that took a few months to sail around the Cape of Good Hope to their destinations. Stored below the water line, the humidity made the beans undergo a transformation on their long journey. The bright-green beans would arrive doubled in size and with an entirely new cup profile.

Our Monsooned Bloom uses top-grade Arabica Cherry AA beans, that have already been processed by the dry method. During this 12- to 16-week process, the beans absorb moisture from monsoon winds in stages, swelling to nearly twice their original size and developing colors ranging from pale gold to light brown.

The end result is a unique flavor that adds interesting notes to a blend and a rich crema to espresso.

Cup Characteristics

A pleasant earthy taste with notes of Spice & Nuts, medium body with low to medium acidity.

100% Arabica Specialty Coffee

Roast Level: choose from

Medium Light - City Roast

Medium- City + Roast

Medium Dark- Full City Roast

Dark - Vienna Roast

Click this link coffee roast level ordering guide for a description of roast levels. Monsooned coffees tend to have a lighter color when compared to other beans roasted to the same level. While the roast level will be to the degree mentioned above i.e. City, City +, Full City & Vienna, the color will be lighter than that of the rest of our range for the same roast level (Color names have been kept the same for consistency).

Due to the nature of the roast there may be a hint of coffee oils on the surface which may be more pronounced in summers.

Availability: Whole Beans & a variety of Grind Sizes

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