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Marfil Inox

Cunill's Marfil Inox is a great Coffee grinder at the entry level for locations that do 100-200 cups per day. 

Cunill grinders are proudly made in Spain since 1957.

All major parts that go into Cunill grinders including the burrs are made in their own factories.

Marfil Inox grinders have a great performance to price ratio and form a excellent combination with many single & double group espresso machines.

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Cunill have some great features in their grinders- from the Hopper design to the Coffee Doser, the "DIrect Intake" outlet to the specialized Metal Burrs & Self ventilated Motors.

Direct Intake System

The sealing crown for the selected ground coffee dose outlet is designed with the DIRECT INTAKE system. It is an adaptor for the portafilter which prevents the loss of ground coffee and protects the rubber gasket of the coffee-maker group, since no coffee is deposited on the edge of the rim of the portafilter.

With a clean, precise and above all functional design, this patented system is one of the most treasured differences of the doser body.


Unique Hopper Design

The double collar system always keeps the coffee away from heat produced by the motor. This design, unique worldwide, prevents the neck from being damaged through maximum exposure to high temperatures. With an easy, solid, precise attachment and is free-standing when it is off the grinder. This innovation greatly facilitates the handling of the hoppers on or off the coffee mill, and they can also be washed in a dishwasher.

The family of hoppers designed exclusively for Cunill grinders bring together many improvements with respect to its competitors. They are made of a durable highly transparent polycarbonate material.

Cunill Burrs®

Burrs for the Cunill grinders are made in their factory in Spain to ensure the best quality & reliability of coffee coming out from their grinders.

The burrs are machined from special steels of high hardness to give a good even grind for a long period.

The design and manufacture of the burrs allows a perfect union between the toothed rings, speed, pressure, outlet design, temperature, etc.


The exclusive 52-teeth design ensures a grind that is precise, with homogeneous grain-sizing and which keep the flavor & aromatic nature of coffee unchanged while grinding.

Grinder Motors

Cunill uses motors that are produced inhouse with strict quality control standards.

The motors are of various capacities to suit different grinder ranges.

There are motors for some of the grinders that have exclusive technology & innovative designs suited to noise reduction for some grinders in the Cunill range that offer a noise level of 55 dB.

Cunill Dosers®

Water tank with automatic coupling

Cunill's Dosers are made out of a transparent one piece polycarbonate design. A tight fit with the moving parts helps to keep the aromas inside.

The blades of the doser can be adjusted through the central axis to modify the quantity of ground  coffee dispensed from 5g up to 12g with the scale marked on the front of the doser.

The dose eject lever has an ergonomic design for better adaptation to the hand and can be installed left- or right-handed according to need.