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Eureka Disko Auto Tamper

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Product Details
HS Code: 8438
UPC: 8055162075313
Brand: Eureka

Disko Automatic Tamper

Drastically improve both your workflow and consistency. From the Eureka 1920 Accessories Collection.

  • HIGH TAMPING SPEED: just 1.5 seconds. Speed up your workflow.
  • AUTOMATIC PORTAFILTER RECOGNITION (thanks to metallic reader sensor): enhances speed and safety during workflow.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TAMPING FORCE : from 10 to 30 kilos, to get an even and consistent tamping.
  • POSSIBILITY TO SELECT BETWEEN SINGLE OR DOUBLE TAMPING (sequential tamping available): choose the tamping profile you prefer.
  • COMPACT AND MODERN DESIGN: it fits easily in every barista’s workspace
  • HIGH- SPEED MAINTENANCE: the "Clean mode" enables to lower and (possibly) remove the tamping disk
  • UNIVERSAL FORK: easily adjustable in height, compatible with any kind of filter holder (single/double/naked).
  • LIMITLESS TAMPS PER DAY: use it how often you need in your workspace.
  • MADE TO LAST: The Under-the-grinder can keep up for at least 200'000 tamps, to support high consumption shops and chains.
  • READY TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS: thanks to the Tamper Kits available as separate accessories, you can easily update and switch the standard 58 mm tamping disk according to your portafilter type. This means that you can update your Under-the-grinder Automatic Tamper at any time, even if you change your coffee machine.
  • Metal body combined with rubbered feet: ensuring solidity and stability on the counter.

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