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Mara PL62

Mara is the smallest espresso machine on the market with a commercial E61 grouphead. This machine has a 2.5 litre water tank, a 1.5 litre copper boiler with heat  exchanger to provide simultaneous coffee extraction & steam delivery. No need to wait for the temperature to heat up for making steam as in single boiler machines of similar size.


Mara has multidirectional Cool to Touch Steam & Hot Water Wands & looks that will fit in the most elegant surroundings.

Mara has been created for home users that want the best & for Cafes that serve 20-30 cups per day in a distributed setting.


With a built in water & waste water tank, this compact & beautiful looking can be placed anywhere.


Lelit implemented the best technology existing in the coffee world into a machine with a unique and compact design. Baristas can use Mara to brew the best coffees possible with this elegant package.


The thermosyphonic regulation on the commercial E61 grouphead provides thermostability during the coffee extraction..

Mara E61 group cross section.jpg
Commercial E61 Group 

Stainless steel appliance body and parts (water tray)

Anti-burn/cool touch wands

The Mara's multidirectional Steam & Hot Water wands with professional spring closure have a special design to avoid any burns. The steam wands tips are optimized for performance.

" Antiburn"
Steam & Hot Water Wands
More Features

Mara's Mirror polished body and water tray are made in polished 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning, long life & great looks.

The cup warmer on top of the machine keeps coffee cups ready & waiting for any beverage you would like to make.


The Dual pressure gauge found on the Mara is great for tuning in coffee grinds & is standard only in a few commercial models. 

Mara has a Stainless Steal On/Off switch with Led's for machine on & heating.  There is an acoustic indication when the machine is running out of water. 

Mara PL62 is supplied with two portafilters & a stainless steel tamper.

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