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Anna by Lelit

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Product Details
HS Code: 8419
UPC: 8009437001064
Brand: Lelit

Lelit's Anna is an great choice for an entry level machine.

Anna PL41EM from Lelit- Italy is the simplest machine for the home Barista. This machine has a Stainless Steel body with a 250 ml brass boiler with a 57 mm filterholder.

Anna is an entry level machine that can make great espressos & cappuccinos with the dual use coffee/ steam single boiler. The easy steam wand makes frothing milk for cappuccinos really easy.

  • Cup warmer.
  • Stainless steel water tray grate.
  • Oval chromed switches.
  • Steam/water wand.
  • Manometer to measure the coffee pressure at the brewing head.

  • Stainless steel appliance body
  • Tank water level visible from the side
  • 3 way solenoid valve to dry up the coffee powder
  • 250 ml brass boiler
  • 57 mm filterholder delivered with 1,2 cups & pod filters.
  • Water Tank 2.7 litre- level visible from the side
  • Dimensions 23 * 26.5 * 34 L * D * H in cm
  • Made in Italy

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