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MaraX V2 by Lelit

Product Details
HS Code: 8419
UPC: 8009437002382
Brand: Lelit

MaraX V2 by Lelit

The MaraX V2 is now upgraded with a new OPV arrangement, a new software & a silk printed logo. It has all the other improvements in terms of IMS filter baskets, longer steam & hot water stems etc.

The new software now has features like "Steam-Boost", better use of the Dual NTC probe as well as greatly reduced thermosyphonic stall related to HX machines.

Lelit's Mara is the smallest espresso machine on the market with a commercial E61 grouphead. This machine has a 2.5 litre water tank & a 1.8 litre Stainless Steel boiler with heat exchanger (HX) to provide simultaneous coffee extraction & steam delivery. No need to wait for the temperature to heat up for making steam as with single boiler machines of similar size.

The MaraX knows how to professionally adapt to diverse working conditions and different user requirements.

The 1.8 litre Stainless steel AISI 316L boiler is insulated & saves energy. The E61-type group has a mechanical pre-infusion & is heated by thermosyphonic circulation through a double probe HX system (Patent pending).

The PID temperature probe in the counterflow type heat exchanger is unique to the MaraX & enables a very precise control of the brew & group temperature. Choose from three settings. The super quiet slow ramp up pump ensures a great extraction with any roast.

Spring-loaded professional taps

Dual pressure gauge with zero adjustment.

Stainless steel backlit On/Off switch

An LED blinks when the Machine is in heating mode and is steady when the machine is ready. Another LED warns of low water in the tank and/ or tank not correctly inserted.

The MaraX has a multi-directional Cool to Touch Steam Wand & looks that will fit in the most elegant surroundings.

MaraX uses the latest technologies & materials for home users that want the best quality & for Cafes that serve 20-30 cups of great coffee per day in a distributed setting.

With a built in water & waste water tank, this compact & beautiful looking machine can be placed anywhere.

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