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Puly Caff Cold Brew Cleaning Liquid Trial Pack 2 doses * 25 ml

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HS Code: 34029099
Brand: Puly Caff


PULYCAFF® was born in Italy in 1961, and it is the first specific product for cleaning espresso machines.

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PULYCAFF® ColdBrew™ Liquid highlighted in the various tests conducted, the safety of the complete clean, guaranteeing the equipment completely hygienic after use.

The complete cleaner for equipment and cold coffee dispensers PulyCAFF ColdBrew “Liquid” is now available in the new single-dose format. Each dose corresponds to one wash.

Cleaning is recommended every day and it is more than ever essential for those who are about to turn off the machine: next summer you will be able to draw good coffee again without nasty surprises such as malfunction, clogged nozzles, bad taste of the product dispensed with bitter notes. and rancid, thin and not very persistent cream on the surface of the liquid.

PulyCAFF ColdBrew “Liquid”, with a single intervention, completely cleans the equipment and dispensers for cold coffee . Its absolute safety is attested by various tests carried out, which show the total elimination of pollutants (UNI EN 13727-2014 standard).

Thanks to its high performance action, it improves the functioning of the machine, restores the weaving of the nitro foam enhancing the classic aromatic notes typical of this cold extraction, ensuring the hygiene & safety of the equipment.

Cleaning operations are quick and easy.

The brewing unit is cleaned by immersion : 500 ml of hot (not boiling) water and 25 ml of pulyCAFF ColdBrew “Liquid” are poured into the tray , then the piece is inserted for 20 minutes. If the plug nozzle is also dirty, it can be added to the solution; after washing, rinse with fresh drinking water.

To clean the internal circuit , pour 500 ml of hot (not boiling) water and 25 ml of pulyCAFF Cold Brew "Liquid" into the tank, then disconnect the suction tube from the coffee tank and immerse the suction tube in the liquid of washing starting its tapping. Once the coffee container has been emptied, 1 liter of fresh drinking water is poured into it and everything is tapped by rinsing the system.

Ordinary maintenance is concluded by hooking the tank with the coffee again and starting the tapping, letting out the rinse water remaining in the internal circuit. The cold brew dispensed by the clean machine will result with a light cream and a fine and shiny texture, to be enjoyed with pleasure in complete safety.

At the end of the season, after cleaning and rinsing, all that remains is to turn off the machine, which with the arrival of summer will be immediately ready to resume work without problems and tapping excellent cold brews.

  • NSF Certified

Puly Caff are world leaders & innovators in cleaning supplies for Coffee Equipment. Since 1961 (Parent Company est.1890).

Made in Italy.

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