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Puly Milk Verde Liquid 1 litre

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Product Details
HS Code: 34029099
UPC: 8000733008801
Brand: Puly Caff

Better micro-foaming. Improves coffee taste. Increase the life of your coffee machine. Cleaner & more hygienic steam wands- from the inside too !

PULYCAFF® was born in Italy in 1961, and it is the first specific product for cleaning espresso machines.

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Puly Milk Verde is non-harmful to the environment and all packaging is made from recycled materials or is recyclable.

As with the standard Puly Milk Frother Cleaner, Puly Milk Verde cleans inside as well as outside the steam tubes. The scale inhibitor removes the hard calcium deposits which prevents the growth of bacteria on the organic fats and proteins contained in these deposits. This enables and improves the texture and quality of microfoam.

STEAM WAND AND MILK FROTHER CLEANER FOR MILK AND COFFEE RESIDUES PULYMILK® Verde daily use ensures the complete elimination of all internal and external residues guaranteeing cleanliness and hygiene.

Subsequent to regular use, the quality of steam increases, the time of use is reduced and the micro-texture of milk foam is improved.

PULYMILK® Verde does not leave any residues and does not contain harmful substances for consumers or espresso machines.

  • Removes all milk protein deposits/ buildups especially inside the steam wand.
  • Perfect for steam wands, automatic cappuccino frothers and stainless steal pitchers.
  • NSF Certified
  • 1 Litre pack has 40 doses of ml. Built in doser.

Puly Caff are world leaders & innovators in cleaning supplies for Coffee Equipment. Since 1961 (Parent Company est.1890).

Made in Italy.

Instructions for use

For Use on Automatic Espresso Machines

  1. Pour one Puly Milk Verde 25 ml dose into a container then top up with 500 ml of cold water.
  2. Dip the Milk pipe into the liquid
  3. Start the frother till the liquid runs out.
  4. Rinse the vessel & fill with 1 litre cold water. Place the milk pipe in the container.
  5. Start the frother to rinse till the water runs out.

For Use on Traditional Espresso Machines/ Steam Wands

  1. Pour one Puly Milk Verde 25 ml dose into a container then top up with 500 ml of cold water.
  2. Dip the steam wand into the container.
  3. Open the steam wand for a few seconds. Close the steam wand & pause for around 10 seconds. Pausing allows the liquid to rise up the inside of the pipe & clean it from the inside.
  4. Repeat the open, close & pause process for 7-10 times.
  5. Wipe the steam wand & any leftover milk/ protein buildup will come off
  6. If you have time, keep the steam wand dipped for 30 minutes. Wipe again.
  7. Rinse the vessel & fill with 1 litre cold water.
  8. Dip the steam wand into the container.
  9. Open, close & pause the steam wand as mentioned in 3 & 4 above 7 to 10 times.

For specifications, please click on the Puly Milk specs link

For the Puly Caff Plus Safety Data Sheet please click on the Puly Milk MSDS link

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