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Puly Descaler Liquid 2 doses * 125 ml

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Product Details
HS Code: 34029099
UPC: 8000733004292
Brand: Puly Caff

Speedy Descaler Liquid for Espresso Coffee Machines & Electric Kettles

PULYCAFF® was born in Italy in 1961, and it is the first specific product for cleaning espresso machines.

Puly Descaler Liquid comes as part of a tried and trusted range. Dedicated espresso cleaning products which are industry standard. There is no better group of products out there. The purest fastest dissolving powders and tablets on earth. A history of faultless manufacture evolved from constant and persistent research and analysis.

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PULY DESCALER ESPRESSO® is the specific descaling product for kettles & all coffee machines: traditional, pod, capsule, semi and fully automatic- not connected to the water supply. PULY DESCALER ESPRESSO® is easy to use and fast-acting even in cold water;

It is safe for equipment in contact with food & is odorless, tasteless, and environmentally-friendly.

  • Specific descaler for traditional, capsule, pod, automatic and semiautomatic espresso machines.
  • Safe for use with equipment in contact with food.
  • Ultrarapid - Odorless - Tasteless.
  • Also active in cold water.
  • Not corrosive for metal.

Descaling operations are quick and easy.

Follow the instructions on the back of the pack for descaling your equipment.

Puly Caff are world leaders & innovators in cleaning supplies for Coffee Equipment. Since 1961 (Parent Company est.1890).

Made in Italy.

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