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Estate Coffee Series
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HS Code: 0901

Shire is part of our Estate series & is a specialty coffee from Attikan Estate.

Roast Level: choose from

Medium Light - City Roast Great for pourovers & alternative brewing

Medium- City + Roast Good for pourovers & alternative brewing as also for espresso

Medium Dark- Full City Roast Great for espressos

Dark - Vienna Roast For those looking for a certain bold taste & flavour of the roast profile

Click this link coffee roast level ordering guide for a description of roast levels.

Due to the nature of the roast, there may be a hint of coffee oils on the surface which may be more pronounced in summers.

Availability: Whole Beans & a variety of Grind Sizes

Attikan Estate is located at an altitude of 1,350 to 1,700 meters above sea level in a remote part of the Biligiri Rangan Hills in the South Eastern part of Karnataka.

The Estate was founded around 1888 by Scotsman Randolph Morris .Sangameshwar Coffee Estates are the current owners.

With a nature reserve close by & a natural source of water, Attikan estate is a natural habitat for wild animals like Elephants, Indian Gaur, Leopards, Spotted Deer etc.

Coffee here is grown under the cover of a Fig (Atti) Forest (Kan). Orange trees are also grown on the estate & both contribute to the unique flavor of the estate's coffee. The estate has won plenty of Flavour of India/Fine Cup awards (the Indian equivalent to Cup of Excellence).

From December to March, coffee beans are hand picked & sorted after picking. Processing is by a Pinhlense Pulper with Natural Fermentation, Aqua Washing & Slow Drying on a Brick Drying Yard or Elevated racks.

Varietal SLN 795

The higher altitude of the estate results in slower growth resulting in denser coffee with bold rich flavors of chocolate and malt & fruity notes of Peach, Raspberry & Oranges.

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